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Follow these simple steps to join the buyer network

1. Sign Up for Free

Tell us about your company, so we can get you verified.

  • Submit supporting Business Registration document.
  • And a recent Bill of Lading or Proof of Registration with your local procurement authority.

2. Get verified

Once you have submitted your supporting documents, we will review them within 48hrs. Continue to list your products while we work on verification

3. List Your Products

Now that you have been verified, you can start listing your products.

  • Make sure you share high quality pictures.
  • Share all your prices and product specifications

4. Receive Requests for Quotations

Manage your requests and send quotes.

  • Make sure you keep your prices up to date.
  • And maintain a high response rate, to improve your overall supplier rating
  • 5. Deliver and Receive Payment

    Once Complete your deal.

  • you have agreed on terms, deliver order through our recommended shipping partners, or any other shipping option of your choice.
  • Sit back and receive payment